The Earthworm Interest Group of Southern Africa (generally abbreviated to EIGSA.)


The main aims of EIGSA are—

1. To encourage research into earthworms and their benefits to the earth and therefore to humankind.
2. To pass on as much of the information gleaned from all sources to the members and the general public as possible.
3. To encourage all to practise the 5R principles (Rethink--Re-use—Recycle—Reduce—Regenerate) in an effort to work collectively for the environment.

Members and subscriptions:

Membership is free to all who are interested. Members who do not have access to the Internet will be required to pay for communications sent by means other than email.

EIGSA will generate funds mainly by organising educational events, for which a registration fee will be charged.

Membership numbers:

There is no limit on the number of members, as one of the objectives of EIGSA is to reach as many people as possible on an on-going basis. At present the bulk of the members are from the Republic of South Africa, but there are also members from other African countries, Australasia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

Management of EIGSA:

The general affairs of EIGSA will be run by the National Committee. This committee will consist of the Management Committee and Regional representatives of each regional group.
The Executive/Management Committee will comprise the Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer, Archivist/Internet Researcher, and any other member/members required by the Management Committee to run the everyday affairs of the Group.


The financial affairs will be in the hands of the Treasurer, who will report to the Management Committee at each meeting.
A bank account will be opened at a bank determined by the Management Committee. At least 3 members of the committee will have signing powers, of which any two must sign for withdrawals from the account.
These committee members will provide the banking institution with all the necessary documents and information required to open and run the EIGSA account.

Changes to the Constitution:

Any proposed changes to the constitution would have to be presented in writing to the National Committee. Each region would then have to call a Special Regional General meeting (within 14 days of receiving the proposals) for the purpose of discussing the proposed changes. For the proposal to be adopted, two thirds of the members present would have to vote in favour. Each region would then forward its decision to the Management committee. The final decision would be based on a simple majority of regional votes.


The affairs of EIGSA will be run from 330 West Avenue, Ferndale, Randburg 2194 until otherwise determined by the Management Committee.

Management Committee meetings will be held at least 6 times per annum at venues to be decided by them. These meetings are usually held at 27 Cheyne Road, Darrenwood.

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